Mowing Like A Pro

Following on from yesterday’s post about buying grass seed, today we’re going to look at another lawn related topic – mowing!

Have you ever wondered why your neighbours lawn looks perfect, yet no matter how much effort you put into your own, it falls short? Well – it might be more to do with your chosen equipment than the effort you use. When it comes to lawns, workmen can rightfully blame bad tools rather than the other way around!

The fact of the matter is actually fairly obvious – if you’re looking at a neatly striped lawn, the owner responsible obviously knows what they’re doing. The average household mower doesn’t do a great job of creating those stripes – and at the other end of the spectrum, grass rollers aren’t the easiest things to get the hang of quickly. So, what’s the secret of those neighbours with the impressive lawns?

The answer is probably at least partly in the mower that they chose to invest in. It’s likely that they’re taking advantage of the technology you get in a lot of petrol mowers, which are very popular among professional gardeners. That said, they’ve tumbled in price in recent years, to the point that they’re reasonably similar to the popular Flymo type mowers we’ve all used over the years (you know, the ones that seem to do anything but ‘fly’).

Petrol mowers have a number of advantages – not least that they’re cordless. Electric corded mowers can often be inconvenient, and you’ll find yourself dancing around the cable, trying not to sever it with the mower blade. Petrol mowers, on the other hand, aren’t tethered to a power point, so you’re free to roam at will. Of course that’s also true of some electric mowers too, as battery driven models can be charged in advance to provide the power.

Another big plus to petrol powered lawnmowing is that some models will drive themselves forward. That means that they’ve got a motor that not only spins the cutting blade(s), but also powers the wheels to give the mower forward motion too – all you really need to do is steer. Most have a speed adjustment control so that you can control your pace, but really it’s as simple as that to use – just pull a lever and off you go, much like any other mower but with less effort required.

You might be wondering then why we’re talking about these advantages when we were previously on the subject of getting great results, not the convenience of not plugging in or the amount of effort to push the thing. Well, that’s where the final big advantage comes in – striping. Self propelled mowers are available that also stripe as they go. If you’re pushing a mower manually, the last thing you want is to have to drag a striping attachment along with it – mowing can be hard enough as it is. In this case though, it’s the mower doing the work (or the fuel at least). That means it’s a simple case of walking up and down the garden, ensuring you switch direction for each pass. As if by magic, you’ve then got a perfectly striped lawn once you’ve finished mowing. We say perfect, but that’s going to be down to your ability to walk in a straight line and keep your lines evenly spaced. Regardless though, it’s much easier than the alternatives.

To get the best results, regular mowing is key. You need a thick and healthy lawn to get the most impressive stripes, and that will mean staying on top of all elements of your lawns wellbeing. The good news is that many lawn treatment options are available, from seed to replace bald areas to feeding solutions to encourage faster and thicker growth.